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Property division according to the German Condominium Act (WEG) requires professional support

Properties divided according to the Condominium Act, i.e. separated residential or commercial units within your property, can often be marketed more easily and at better prices than a global property.

Furthermore, this way, larger properties can be sold step by step. The advantage of this is that you can calmly look for the right buyer, meanwhile still collecting the remaining rental income.
Even if you currently do not intend to sell your property, it is worth considering a preparatory division.

For the legally binding division of a property into legally independent condominium units it must be divided according to the Condominium Act applicable in Germany. This requires a carefully considered declaration of division, a partition plan and a certificate of self-containment.
Additionally, the current title/land register must be converted into individual condominium title/land registers. As both the declaration of division and the partition plan are of particular importance for the future community of owners and mistakes may result in claims for compensation even after the sale of the individual condominium units, you should definitely request professional assistance before embarking on such project.

1. Property appraisal

Location, surrounding area, marketing potential, property assessment, building inspection, assesment of building extensions (area reserves), occupancy rate and tenant portfolio

2. Financing

Brokerage of loans, preparation of required documentation, comprehensive support in the implementation of planned measures

3. Tentant support

Lease termination agreements, temporary relocation during modernisation measures, brokerage of replacement space, lease increase negotiations

4. Implementation

Project management for renovation and modernization measures, creation of declaration of division (including business plan, economic plan, establishment of maintenance reserve, etc.), sales contract draft and building description

5. Marketing Management

Active selling (since implementation phase) of divided partitions, contract closures and processing, loan brokerage for buyer, creation of sepraration declaration and deed registration

6. Condominium management

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