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Trust. Experience. Sustainability.

ncn Immobilien
Management GmbH

Your holistic property manager for the value-enhancing administration of your real estate.

Property management

We offer all the elements of a classical property management, from tenants management to the technical administration.

Special-purpose properties

Our specific focus lies on the successful long-term appreciation of special-purpose and commercial properties.

Project development

From the first draft to the use of the finished property - we will advise and accompany you in every phase.

One point of contact for everything!

As a service-oriented and competent partner we provide our customers with broad-ranging expert knowledge and comprehensive 360° service around their residential and investment properties.

The fulfillment of your requirements and and the creation of tailor-made individual solutions take center stage in all our actions and daily activities.

No matter your concern regarding real estate or property management in Germany - we are the right partner for you.

Our services

360º service

From property administration and real estate brokerage to fund management, project development and financing. A one-stop shop.

For over 20 years

A trusted partner with extensive industry experience and strong partnerships

Proven competence

Highly qualified, specialized employees in the commercial, technical and legal areas

Global player

Personal support and care of domestic and foreign investors by an international team

Do you own a property which worries you?

Within the framework of our property management services we have specialized in the management of problematic real estate properties. We would be pleased to assist you in making your investment profitable again.

ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH

As a qualified and reputable company we are a member of the following important associations, whose trademarks we are authorized to use:
Verband der Immobilienverwalter Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD Bundesverband e.V.
CEPI – European Association of Real Estate Professions*
*via ivd membership
We are also a partner of:


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Office Berlin

 Goerzallee 190-238
  14167 Berlin
  Tel.: +49 (0) 30 - 790 160 50
  Fax: +49 (0) 30 - 797 466 74
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