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With our property management you get all parts of a classical property management, from account management to the preparation of your annual tax statements.

Tenants Management

Unser Mietermanagement kümmert sich in besonderem Maße um die Zufriedenheit Ihrer Kunden und die bestmögliche Auslastung Ihrer Mietflächen.

Portfolio Management

Unser Portfoliomanagement unterstützt Sie bei der nachhaltig wertsteigernden Entwicklung Ihres Immobilienvermögens.


Our Facility management makes sure, that your properties present themselves modern and attractive.

One contact for everything!

With our complete property management you and your tenants only need one contact person, the ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH!

Because we are a complete real estate manager we offer the full range of facility services and coordinate all other service partners for you. We thereby guarantee the high standard of our property and tenant care services. T

hrough keeping an overview of your property we can create sustainable synergies to maximise the profitability of your real estate investments.

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ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH

Perfect Real Estate Management

Wollen Sie den Wert Ihres Eigentums nachhaltig steigern, bedarf es einer umsichtigen Entwicklung und Pflege Ihrer Immobilien, sowie einer umfassenden Betreuung ihrer Nutzer. Je weiter Sie von Ihren Immobilien entfernt wirken, desto schwieriger ist es jedoch, ein ausreichendes Betreuungsniveau sicherzustellen. Die ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH ist ein deutsch-dänisches Unternehmen mit langjähriger Deutschlanderfahrung. Wir sind in Berlin und Brandenburg ansässig und betreuen in Zusammenarbeit mit ausgewählten lokalen Partnern deutschlandweit Wohn-und Gewerbeimmobilien direkt vor Ort!

Real Estate Services around the Clock

Often property management is not the same as real estate management, because building managers often administer the building accounts without extensive construction expertise, financial and legal knowledge. We combine all these expertises with the technical knowledge and caretaking of a building manager, this way we can control the costs and maximize the service level. ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH does not only administer your property, we manage it around the clock!

Properties require overview, continuity and care

This also applies to your real estate and its management, as a large number of opposing interests have to be taken into consideration, such as cost efficiency, user satisfaction, property value and retention. Only if all these divagating interests are brought into line, you can get the most out of your real estate. As a complete real estate manager we offer the full range of facility services from one source to our customers. We provide all the necessary services separately or in different packages and coordinate all other service partners under our roof. Our customers can choose the optimal service for their investments from our range of services, starting with pure administration services and ending with the complete real estate management including all parts of facility services. If you choose our complete management, you will only need one responsible partner, the ncn ImmobilienManagement GmbH!

Our Services

Site Divisions
You own some real estate and want to divide it? Well, this is an endeavour not for the faint of heart, especially here in Germany. But despair not, for we will take care of the complete process for you: from surveying the real estate to the sale of the new residential units.
Managing your Real Estate Portfolio
We will help you with the short- and long-term development of your real estate portfolio.
Dealing with your Tenants
We will help you to communicate with your tenants, handle their complaints and care for your rental space in general.
We will care for your real-estate: from simple day-to-day housecleaning to the complete reconstruction of your property.
Property Management
We will completely take care of your property and real-estate, leaving you free to pursue other tasks.

We offer professional real estate services from one source!


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